The Youth Session of the Primakov Readings: the History of the Project
The idea behind creating the Youth Session of the Primakov Readings occurred back in 2017. In the framework of preparing for the International Expert Forum the “Primakov Readings” the IMEMO and the Primakov Center for International Cooperation decided to invite the winners of the Essay Contest to take part in the Forum itself, thus providing them with an opportunity to communicate with the leading experts, former and current statesmen and politicians, and businessmen in person.

The objective of the Forum has always been to raise awareness about the intellectual heritage of the outstanding scientist and statesman that Yevgeny Primakov was, and to support the young scientists specializing in International Relations.
Every year the organizers try to extend the geography and number of the participants to ensure fair representation. But if there is something that does stay the same, it sure is topicality and relevance of the topics that the young specialists and scientists bring up in their research and presentations.

Please note that the Youth Session of the Primakov Readings-2022 will be held on June 27-30 in Moscow.
Traditionally, the organizers of the event are the Primakov Center for International Cooperation and the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of the IMEMO.

The key topics for discussion will be as follows:
– “The Security Architecture Crisis in Europe”;
– “Central Asia: Development Opportunities and Security Risks”.
– “Technological Development and the New Global Issues”;
– “Global Energy Transition: an Objective Tendency or another Political Project?”.