Центр внешнеполитического сотрудничества имени Е.М. Примакова
о центре
Центр создан в 2015 году.
Миссия Центра – аккумулирование и развитии интеллектуального наследия Евгения Примакова.
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About Center
The Primakov Center is an expert and analytical platform established in memory of an outstanding diplomat Yevgeny Primakov in 2015.

The mission of the Center is to preserve and develop the intellectual legacy of Yevgeny Primakov's, strengthen international cooperation at the expert and scientific level, and involve civil society institutions in the foreign policy process.

The Center has three key areas of focus: the Middle East, nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear disarmament and peaceful uses of atomic energy and Yevgeny Primakov’s legacy.

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Events of the Center
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